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The Underweb is a new online multimedia communications framework

The Underweb browser is directly editable in edit mode.

The goal of the Underweb project is to rethink the techno-political aspects of the web language and architecture with the hopes of building an alternative, more user-elegant and user-oriented, electronic communication space. The Underweb consists of a system of interactive and interlinked application documents based on robust off-the-shelf free-software, and aims to provide users of digital media an accessible way to not only read and consume online digital content, but also to write, edit and publish content without the need for centralized third-party systems. It places the means of production into the hands of the users. Additionally, it forgoes the current broken, partially-open, and excessive ad-hoc method of standardization in favor of the more robust and flexible standardization approach of free software where the source code IS the standard.

Recent News and Postings:


Back from the LGRU meeting in Norway. Here’s a short video of our final evening where we all collaborated in tweaking the free software imaging apps to inter-communicate and generate sound.

Piksels & Lines Orchestra (PLO) from august black on Vimeo.


Linux Wochen Linz 2012 wrap-up

Just back from the liwoli fest in Linz, Austria. It was great to see a lot of familiar faces, not just the folks I knew from Linz, but also those whom I met at other free culture and hacking festivals. I wish I had had more time to visit the workshops and meet with the other artists and hackers. I lived in Lince for 2 years in the late 90′s and seemed to have met familiar faces around every corner. Na seas!

I was able to visit the lectures and performances on the first day and early on day two. (more…)

Libre Graphics Research Unit

Libre Graphics Research UnitLooks like I will be heading back to Norway – this time to present at the Libre Graphics Research Unit. I will be there from 5-10.June.

From the website:

Piksels and Lines
This research meeting focuses on a critical assessment of current free and open technologies for image creation: both pixel, vector and generative softwares that support the creation and manipulation of visuals. (more…)

Linux Wochen Linz 2012

I am very pleased to announce that I will be presenting the Underweb at LiWoLi 2012 in Linz, Austria. My talk is scheduled for 18:00 on May 24th at the Stadtwerkstatt.

LiWoLi is a community festival, open lab and annual meeting spot for artists, educators and developers using and creating Free Software (FLOSS), Open Hardware and Open Design in the artistic and cultural context. This event is all about sharing artistic skills, code and knowledge within the public domain and discussing the challenges of an open practice.”

facebook goes public

facebook is going public, the effects of which will eventually influence and change the shape and dimension of this gigantic online communication space. The impact on the web will be massive. We can only speculate now about how this change will unfold. However, if the registration statement by Mark Zuckerberg is any sign, we can expect facebook to have an even more-confusing relationship with its users.

Zuckerberg starts his very personalized statement with:

Facebook was not originally created to be a company. It was built to accomplish a social mission — to make the world more open and connected.

This is an interesting statement to make considering the fact that facebook was started as an online undergraduate social space. Despite its teeny bopper roots, the un-company has grown since its humble and tainted beginnings. It now hands over this social mission to a board of trustees and investors.


Adobe drops Flash

“Adobe has confirmed that it will cease development of Flash on mobile devices, saying that it will instead focus on HTML5 and apps for mobile platforms.”


Presentation of the Underweb at the Piksel Festival in Bergen, Norway

I am excited to be presenting the Underweb ideas and application at this years Piksel festival in Bergen, Norway.

The Piksel festival is a unique festival of art and free software. Started over a decade ago by artist Gisle FRØYSLAND, the Piksel festival gathers artists, hackers, researchers, activists and developers for a few days to discuss and present the latest and greatest of the free cultural scene. (more…)

Tim Berners-Lee on TED: linked data

Check out Tim Berners-Lee on TED. It’s hard to imagine all the naysayers he encountered when presenting his original WWW idea. His innovation on previous hyptertext formats and frameworks was so subtle and dependent on participation that many others simply were unable to envision it properly. (more…)

Setting up and using pbuilder

Pbuilder will allow you to build your ubuntu package in a simulated and clean environment.
To set, it up, you will need to get the needed applications:

sudo aptitude install pbuilder debhelper devscripts build-essential


Amazon’s spider makes a silky trap on the web

Since starting the Underweb project a number of years ago, much has changed in the look and function of the WWW. Just three years, ago HTML5 was a distant reality. Just two years ago, the browser market was still dominated by IE. Now that the market territory is loosening up, more players are stepping up to the plate. The latest contender in the oncoming browser war is, surprise-surprise, Amazon.


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